From anonymous

Never give up on yourself, even when you feel like shit. You’re allowed to feel like shit.

If you have nothing to live for and can’t stand the world around you - you have nothing to lose. Take a risk and piss people off; make the world a better place.

I have not lived an ideal or perfect life, although in retrospect with a pint of beer in me, I can say that I’ve been grateful for it all, the good and the bad. I know I have not yet experienced the worst pains in my life and I am afraid to learn the lessons they will teach me, but I pray that I will “grow stronger” from the experience, i.e. that I will learn to live with the pain and maybe even let go of the attachment to the things and people I once loved. How can you not be attached to some degree to the things you truly love? In the end, yes I know, its all cosmic dust. Thank you astrophysics education. 

The only really good advice I can give is to be aware, and to know in your awareness you still won’t have all the answers, so learn to listen. You can change your bit of the world by changing yourself. Changing is hard and it is OK to be a stupid idiot at times, it happens, but its no excuse. We’ve got brains too. Learn to live with things that are hard, few things worth doing are easy. 

It’s ok to ask for help, that’s what we’re here for. Don’t worry, but don’t deny.

The Earth is headed for something. Whatever it is, it won’t pay no mind to who or what we are. We are not that important! No, we can’t reason with Earth, we can’t beg for mercy, nope, sorry, we’ve fucked up too much. Maybe we’ll get lucky, but how many people win the lottery? 

You’ll never find the answer to the Universe, it’s just a thing to ponder that will make your head spin in circles. Enjoy it while you can!