I'm an atheist

I don't believe in god

I have compassion for others

I am empathic

I feel love

I feel passion

I feel wonder

I feel emotion

I question because I am curious to learn about the universe I live in

I question because I am curious to learn about myself

I am fallible

I make mistakes

I want to grow from my experiences

I don't shy away from uncomfortable truths

I feel pain and despair

I've felt broken

I've opened myself to trust in myself

I have the power to change

We are truly amazing creatures

We have evolved from tiny beginnings billions of years ago to where we are today

There are many mysteries left to unravel and I reckon there always will be

Nobody really knows our purpose here, there probably is none

But that doesn't mean we should go around not caring about others, being selfish and doing whatever the hell we want without consequence

It feels good to be positively connected so I chose that

Not because Santa Claus won't give me presents if I've been naughty

Isn't the universe that is a bigger and grander than anything you could ever imagine enough?