Online diaries are hard to keep. Especially when one takes a long hiatus from working on their website. So, what the fuck am I am up to now? Is saying FUCK too harsh? Well I llike to sometimes, I think it's humorous. Anyways, I've been working a whole lot which is kind of annoying. I want to finish my thesis already. But then what? Ok, well if I get into grad school in England I'm going there. If not, I'm off to Peru for a year. Does anyone want to take care of the cutest siamese cat for a bit? Like anyone is going to read this anyway...Oh ya, that's another reason why online diaries are hard to keep. No one really cares, but that's ok. Most of the things I do in life are just to keep myself amused. What a life. I love/hate it though (mostly when I'm at maximun insanity).

Hmm...Oh ya, I've been working out a lot lately. It's like a drug that can be orally or otherwise ingested except it's self imposed. It sucks in the beginning, but then it gets good. Like life. Or maybe not like life, but is life because isn't life everything? Even when its death?

Diaries are good in that they are a good place for retarded ramblings because they don't fit anywhere else.

I hope I do this sparingly.

Oh hells ya. Here's something that I just thought about while doing some stuff... A links section seems kind of worthless because there are literally billions of sites out there and if only %1 of those sites are really cool that's still a million cool sites.