Dear Readers,

I am so stuffed with food at the moment that I can barely stand to write this. I didn’t stuff myself in the traditional way with chocolates, chips, ice cream, candy bars, etc, but with lots of nutritious complex carbohydrates! I had three pitas with hummus, crackers with hummus, two bowls of muesli cereal, and one bowl of oatmeal with muesli, walnuts, and raisins. Why you ask? From time to time I overeat because it numbs me. It shuts up my inner voice, blocks my creative flow when I feel a rising anxiety, an anxiety that is probably indicative of some sort of breakthrough.

Damn. I can see a function in binging. I hear the faint voice through the fog, I’ll let the food transmit, let’s see what happens. I still hear, all is never lost, only waiting to be created. “Tomorrow,” I tell myself, “I will push aside the veil.”

I am sorry that I killed myself tonight. I must now pick myself up for I have fallen. This food obsession is absolutely ridiculous. Hollywood is anerexic and vacant. How fucking dead are the obese? How fucking blind to the world are they? Face the world, face yourselves, you are in the realm of experience and there is no escape. Devote your life to the Higher, or swim in your own feces. I’m afraid the world is turning to shit. This is my declaration to remove the veil, scoop out the crap and give myself to Love.

Sincerely yours,



Dear Maria,

In dealing with my own issues, I am finding that it all boils down to balance. We are non-perfect human creatures and cannot live with such restrictions and extremes, especially when it comes to eating. If we restrict ourselves to eating only predetermined things we can never really listen to our bodies to find out when they really need, and when a big stress comes along we eat everything in sight to make up for the strain we have been putting on our bodies from restricting ourselves. So with that said, it starts with cultivating a new mind frame of balance and listening, not restriction and control. Once we let go and learn to live in harmony with our body is when we can be truly free of such disorders within ourselves. I hope this helps, it certainly did me in writing it out.

Kind Regards,