One Night Stand

He had the night of his life. She fucked him so hard that it was extremely hard for him not to cum right away, but she didn’t mind. That’s exactly what she wanted. She took pleasure in being able to invoke such godly sensations in someone she had just met, it raised her self-esteem and of course, she had self-image issues. She used every one-night stand as a therapy session that was usually short-lived. She never really gave herself the chance to recover from the break-up of her seven-year relationship, the only relationship she’d ever had. 

She felt instantly attached to this guy that night, but she wasn’t really thinking about it at the time. All she knew is that it felt good and comforting. 

The next morning he had to leave early for work so she hung around the house. He lived two blocks away from the beach and so she decided to take a stroll along the glistening waters. Her mind was so clear and completely free. The night past had happened like it was perfectly etched in that moment in time. There was nothing to worry about, nothing to dwell over; the ocean breeze carried her up over the bay and higher until the Earth rose as if she was standing on the moon. She found a rock and sat enjoying her place in spacetime. She was still in a sex coma, heaven found. 

After some time she made it back to the house and drove home.

Two days later she gave him a casual call asking him if he wanted to hang out. Their conversation was friendly and cool and they made plans for the next day because she was going to a friend’s birthday party that night. The night came and she got thoroughly wasted. At some point she was drunkenly going on about the “crazy connection” she had made a couple of days ago. Her inebriated rant about her grand coition had focused on her perception of being totally in the moment, that no thought or worry had crossed her mind. It was ever-flowing as life should be. It was perfect in its entirety.

She hardly remembered anything she said that night. Her friend gave her a ride home and she passed out on her bed. 
The next morning she awoke around 11. Thankfully she didn’t feel as hung over as she should have. She was still slightly spinning but blissful. “Oh shit, that guy, I made plans, one hour”, she thought, amused at how the words were spinning in her head. She laid in bed for about an hour thinking about the fall of Rome and how it parallels with the coming fall of U.S., or so was her opinion. 

Mindlessly, completely forgetting what she had been thinking about for the past hour, she called the guy and told him that she would be in over in a couple of hours. She ate some cocoa puffs, lounged around a bit more, contemplated the deaths of the great 70’s rock gods at the age of 27, so hot, so sad, so dead. Eventually she got dressed. 

She got in her car and was on her way. She had to drive through a tunnel on the way to the highway. For the first time in a few days she felt completely sober and suddenly her conscious zoomed in on herself as the tunnel closed in around her. She was now becoming more aware of the events that had transpired three days ago. Word flashes of “perfect moment”, “time eternal”, “pure movement”, and “amazing fuck” filled her head. Fuzzy images and sounds of last night were recalled and she knew in essence what she had been rambling on about. Anxiety started to build up in her as she realized where she was driving to but had no idea what she was doing anymore. Becoming acutely aware that her experience had been unlike anything she had experienced before, she came out of the tunnel with a gasp. She closed her eyes for a few seconds as the luminous sun beamed down on her face and struck her thoughts as Ra himself. It was something about that guy, that house, those people. They almost felt like mystical creatures living the ancient myths. And who was she? Fuck. Paranoia. It all came rushing in. She smelt of rotten eggs and she didn’t want to bring her stench back to that place. She knew what she had to do. She took the exit ramp before his and paid an unexpected visit to a good girlfriend she hadn’t seen in a while. She was going to start living her own creation in eternity.