Our Planet

To be aware of a very possible mass extinction of the human species brought on by the human species makes me sick to my stomach. Going down, down, killing ourselves because we are controlled by money and false power. False power destroys us. I stare into the world as though it were my last viewing. My only reason to live is for the beauty in all. Beauty in destruction? Perhaps so, but it should not be so unconscious as it is. Unconscious destruction for the sake of ego preservation is not beauty.

Although, as our environment changes, we adapt. The present situation looks like a survival of the fittest in a self-poisoned world. The obvious trick is to not bathe in the poison. Many people are tricked into lathering themselves daily with poison. Bluntly put, the unhealthy obese will be the ones to go. Anyone has the ability to save themselves. Jesus won't do it for you. Your Will to remove yourself from the industrial smog. It clouds the head like it does the sky.