Coming to terms with who I am
What I am ever-changing to be
What is that?
Coming to terms with my own mortality and at the same time with the
eternity of my being, my core

I can no longer hide behind insecurities of my past
but it doesn't mean that they are dead for good
Especially at this moment where I feel slightly vulnerable and uncertain
I am riding in and sailing above the dark tunnel at the same time

I do not feel anxious about the new journey to come
for if I am equipped for greater things the next 3 years will
only be a wonderful passing and a stepping stone for the journey
that always moves while I at the same time remain still in the moment.

I am embracing and unfolding into the radiance of my spirit
but along the way I have stumbled upon buried issues in my psyche
It takes a little time to get through those
It's like massaging out a knot in one's back
After it has been worked out
it will be released.