Story of him

What to say about the mysterious hooded guitar man? Connected to the electricity of his insides, pulsating and moving through his fingers, feeling for that something to feel, the movement of sound and vibration.

He’s young but I can’t take my eyes off him. Sultry man emanates out of him. He’s only young, but his soul is boundless, touching that thing that lives within it all. Words can’t describe what it is, its brooding, but its not pretentious. Intelligent being. Sexy beyond his years. I’ve grown like a yearning pussy cat, my years no longer hold sway. He must not see this weakness, the want is great, but I can not have. If only for a meeting, the feeling of what he really is right in front of me, unable to hide, able be gone in a flash, vanished from my screen. Sometimes so jovial, right now so entrenched in getting it. Why get it.

The more I talk to him, the more I am turned off by them.

He is a mental turn-on and those are harder to come by. He turns on my brain and if my brain is turned on, well the rest will follow. Far more dangerous that a guy who is a physical turn-on, those get boring within 5 minutes.

I need him to show me the way back that I feel like I’ve lost. He doesn’t need to hold my hand, but just by him being there makes me feel like I’m on the right path, unless he gets led astray, then we both might be in trouble. Or maybe he will make me strong enough to know that I can’t follow him everywhere he goes.

Thank you for bringing me down the earth, turning on my brain helps me put my girl penis back in its pants.