After days of eating lunches in solitude at the newly discovered Fresh Choice in Capitola and (partly) working on my thesis, I took an opportunity to hang out with a couple of my dearest friends (while still working on my thesis). In this time I was able to see more fully my condition. “Plots, plots, plots, plots, what the fuck does it all mean? Nothing, really. What? The fuck I care! Shut up please (with a smile). Damn, I'm not violent, but I have the urge to smash your head against a window and watch the glass shatter. I don't want to hurt you, but I can still imagine it can't I? (another genuine smile). (Giggle, giggle)” Boy, its great to have friends in which you can express this kind of thing and not have them think you are totally psycho because they probably know that already. Really, getting that out of my system makes me feel a lot better.

My head is blank now, so I won't try to write anymore. I'm tired. I don't know whats worse, procrastinating to all hell and trying to cram a thesis out in 2 weeks or gradually writing this goddamn thing over the period of 2 painful drawn out years. Either way…

…all in all its been a fun time.