Writing Exercise #1

Brief: See if you can write about food in a way that makes the reader want to eat. It's important as writers to be able to invoke passion for the subject.

What kind of food would bring me to write about it with such a savory elegance so that one’s only thought was of its sumptuous taste and the ambrosial pleasures it would bring to one’s palate? Chocolate needs to no briefing; one luscious lick says it all. Cake, already known for its sugary bliss in its endless varieties, catering to every decadent craving, needs no introduction. Fruit, so long forgotten as nature’s candy, it has been anointed by mother earth to provide us with the holy essence of health and vitality. Fruit, found in such exotic forms, can arouse an erotic hungering. The crimson strawberry, you anticipate the taste of its sensuality as it slowly rubs against your lips, teasing and tantalizing you with the thought of its juices bursting into your mouth with that first bite. The enticing banana, you peel it with an alluring stare. The prize to be had underneath the skin, naked and bare, is rich and so tasty. You put it in your mouth ever so slowly, and then faster and faster, devouring it in rapture.